Advantage Environmental Inc. is a highly experienced and knowledgeable group who know the laws, the contractors to use, and how to navigate changing environmental rules concerning alterations made to your property. This is essential for single-family homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, universities, and business complexes. We are your expert guides for working with the everchanging laws (with stiff penalties) governing any alterations you make to your property.

We handle the testing and project management for safely and economically disposing of toxic substances that are now almost assuredly in your building, and which WILL affect our environment if not handled properly and professionally when that structure is changed or destroyed.

Health of People and the Environment.

Many remodeling and demolition projects face the challenge of contamination within the materials that were used in construction. To ensure the health of people and the environment, we work with the property owner and contractor to inspect and evaluate the structure that is being renovated. Our licensed and accredited professionals are experienced in conducting asbestos, lead, and mold assessments, soil and water assessments, site investigations, and air quality testing.

Safety and Compliance.

It is our job to ensure that our customers maintain an appropriate measure of compliance with the everchanging environmental regulations. We work with clients from many industries: schools, industrial, commercial, and residential. We strive to provide responsive client-focused environmental solutions that are safe, cost-effective, and which avoid fines, court costs, and worse. “Your problem” becomes “our problem” as we seek to determine responsible solutions to your environmental needs.

Advantage Enviromental Services
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